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A Body Fat Transfer Can Help You Get the Curves You've Always Wanted

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Weight loss, aging, and childbirth can all make an impact on your figure. You might notice a significant loss of volume in key areas. With a body fat transfer, you can have the curves you have always wanted. The effective treatment involves removing fat from one segment of your body and transferring it to another. Because your own fat is being used to reform your curves, you do not have to worry about an allergic reaction, medical complications, or rejection as you do with fillers or implants.

A fat transfer is effective for large or small areas of the body. You can game curves in the breasts or buttocks. Also, the fat can plump out your cheeks, lips, or lower eyelids.

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Atlanta, FL. He uses fat transfer surgery to give you the curves you have been dreaming about. Dr. Mang combines advanced liposuction and grafting methods to create long-lasting curves.

Do you have deflated areas that are causing you to feel unattractive? A fat transfer (grafting) procedure can help restore volume. The procedure uses your own fat to create pleasing volume. If you think that a fat transfer surgery might be beneficial, then you should ensure you are a healthy weight to ensure optimum results.

All about a fat transfer

If you opt to undergo fat transfer surgery, then Dr. Mang will put you under. He uses liposuction with a special cannula to effectively remove the fat from the problem area. The fat is then further purified with a centrifuge.

The team at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Atlanta, FL will prep the injection site area where the extracted fat will be placed. Dr. Mang injects the fat in layers to achieve the best results. When transferring fat to large areas, numerous injections are required.

You will need to undergo healing after a fat transfer, since you essentially had two procedures, liposuction and fat grafting, so you will need to focus on recovering. If you undergo a lip enhancement, then the healing time is only a day or two; big areas like the breasts or buttocks will take longer to heal.

The treated area will normally be red and inflamed but the results are immediate. The region where the fat was extracted will appear flatter and the area where the fat was injected will have instant volume. With fat transfer surgery, there is extraordinarily little scarring.

The results last for years if you don’t gain or lose weight. The advanced fat purification procedure helps ensure that the fat is only minimally reabsorbed by the body, so you’ll likely enjoy the results for years. Dr. Mang also uses a little extra fat to ensure long-lasting results. If you should start to notice that your curves are deflating after a few years, then you can always undergo another maintenance fat transfer.

You can have your own fat transferred just about anywhere on your body. The most popular areas include the buttocks, breasts, face, and hands. Dr. Mang can also combine fat transfer surgery with breast implants or focus on breast reconstruction. During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals with Dr. Mang.

Schedule a fat transfer consultation in Atlanta, FL today

We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mang Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Atlanta, FL to discuss if a fat transfer surgery is a right option for you. Dr. Mang will let you know exactly what you can expect from the procedure, so you can decide whether it will give you the curves you want.

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