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Mommy Makeover in Atlanta, GA

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang regularly works with women who wish to get their pre-pregnancy body back. Childbirth is an exciting and amazing moment for many women; however, it can significantly alter the tightness and shape of certain body parts, leaving one feeling a little frustrated. The great news is that it's possible to once again attain a slim and toned body with a mommy makeover at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery. This surgery uses a combination of fat removal and skin tightening to target the abdomen and breasts, and essentially, any area affected by pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or breastfeeding. In addition, nonsurgical procedures can be incorporated to enhance your look even more.

What are the benefits of a mommy makeover?

Looking to feel more confident and rejuvenated post-pregnancy? Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery near Atlanta, GA, offers a mommy makeovers tailored to help you regain your pre-baby look. From tummy tucks to breast lifts, our comprehensive treatments prioritize your well-being and can provide stunning results. There are many benefits of a mommy makeover, including:

  • Personalized procedure options
  • Removal and tightening of the skin on the stomach and breasts
  • The ability to regain your pre-pregnancy figure
  • Reduction of unwanted fat
  • Long-lasting results if a healthy lifestyle is upheld

Am I A Candidate for A Mommy Makeover?

Consider a mommy makeover if your efforts to achieve a tighter, youthful body post-pregnancy through diet have left you frustrated. Many new moms find surgery necessary to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies. If you're dealing with issues like sagging breasts, abdominal wrinkles, or unwanted fat pockets in the hips, flanks, lower back, and buttocks, a mommy makeover at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery may be the solution. Dr. Mang aims to restore your pre-pregnancy body, allowing you to resume life without self-consciousness confidently.

How is a Mommy Makeover Performed?

Unlock your desired transformation with a mommy makeover, a specialized body contouring treatment personalized by Dr. Mang to address your specific concerns. This comprehensive procedure combines popular treatments like breast lift (with or without implants), abdominoplasty, and liposuction. Undergoing these surgeries, conducted under general anesthesia, typically takes 3 – 7 hours, with the duration depending on the intricacy of your unique treatment plan. Discussion regarding a potential overnight hospital stay will take place in advance. Elevate your experience by incorporating nonsurgical skin rejuvenation, including laser treatments and injectables, into your treatment plan, targeting facial wrinkles and surface issues for a holistic enhancement.

What Can I Expect After My Mommy Makeover?

Following your recovery period, Dr. Mang will discharge you for continued recuperation at home with adequate rest and proper aftercare. Anticipate a gradual recovery process, with initial challenges in movement and walking straight during the first few days. It's crucial to adhere to a comprehensive at-home care regimen for proper incision healing. Typically, women experience a healing phase of six months. While the primary recovery spans months, a return to a normal routine is achievable within several weeks, and exercise can resume after about two months. Ultimately, undergoing this transformative surgery at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery holds the potential to profoundly enhance your appearance and revive your confidence.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

How much does a mommy makeover cost?
The price of a mommy makeover will vary greatly depending on which procedures are part of your surgery. In your consultation, Dr. Mang will develop your treatment plan before he will be able to discuss possible costs. A mommy makeover is about reclaiming your confidence after pregnancy and childbirth, so it's important to focus on reaching your goals. Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery accepts several payment methods, and we give you information on finding low-interest financing, so your mommy makeover is easy to afford.

How do I decide what to include in my mommy makeover?
In your initial consultation with Dr. Mang, he will listen to your wants and needs before performing a physical examination. Following this, he can give you suggestions on what to include in your surgical plan. Often, women want breast surgery (augmentation and/or a lift) together with liposuction and a body lift.

What about nonsurgical treatments?
Childbirth and pregnancy are hard on your body, which is why nonsurgical procedures usually aren't enough to get noticeable improvements. During your consultation, Dr. Mang can discuss both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. After listening to your needs and goals, he will tell you if procedures like nonsurgical fat reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, or nonsurgical skin tightening may be considered.

Will I have scars after a mommy makeover?
Although a mommy makeover offers a rejuvenated shape, it does include some scarring. Dr. Mang will create clean, small incisions. Most scars will be placed so they can be concealed with swimsuits and underwear. When reviewing your post-surgical care instructions, Dr. Mang or a member of his team will give you tips on scar care so your sutures heal flat and eventually fade.

What if I get pregnant again after a mommy makeover?
Ideally, you should hold off on getting a mommy makeover until your family is complete so your results are not compromised. Generally, any body part that has been lifted or tightened would be at risk for stretching out if a subsequent pregnancy were to occur. If you have another child after your mommy makeover, a second surgery can be performed to restore your results.

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Reclaim Your Pre-Pregnancy Look

If you are still aggravated with your body after trying to lose those last few pounds after childbirth, we encourage you to contact Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Duluth, GA to learn more about our mommy makeover. Deflated breasts, wrinkles, and other skin irregularities that sometimes come along with pregnancy and motherhood can be corrected with this effective, customizable surgery that will get you looking and feeling great again. To schedule a consultation, or if you have questions about cost, financing, or insurance, call our office today.

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