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Achieve Your Dream Body This Summer with a Tummy Tuck

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Let’s face it – Summer is right around the corner, and most people want an ideal bikini body to flaunt our favorite swimwear. Unfortunately, while many people resort to fad diets and endless exercise programs to achieve their summer goals, it’s not uncommon for stubborn fat and loose skin to remain despite their efforts.

If you’re currently dreading exposing an out-of-shape midsection this summer, fear not. You still have time to reshape your physique and get the figure you’ve always dreamed of. Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures we offer our patients in Atlanta, GA, to enhance the appearance of their stomachs and transform their bodies. Keep reading to find out how board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang helps Atlanta, GA patients at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery.

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a body contouring procedure designed to redefine the abdominal region by removing excess fat and skin while tightening the abdominal wall muscles for a flatter stomach and overall toned appearance.

During tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Mang makes a horizontal incision in the patient’s lower abdomen, just above the pubic area and bikini line. Then, he removes unwanted fat and loose skin from the underlying tissues to create a more defined, flat stomach. A tummy tuck can improve the body in many ways, including:

  • Restoring a tight, flat stomach

  • Reducing the waistline

  • Tightening abdominal muscles

  • Reducing the visibility of stretch marks

  • Removing stubborn excess fat and skin

Different types of tummy tucks

We offer two different tummy tuck options to serve patients in the Atlanta, GA area. For patients with a substantial amount of excess skin above and below the belly button, we offer complete or “full” abdominoplasty. This surgery involves an incision from hipbone to hipbone to remove as much skin, tissue, and fat as necessary while concealing any scarring below the bikini line.

For patients with fat deposits below the navel and for those who don’t require muscle tightening, a partial or “mini” tummy tuck is often a better option. This procedure is less invasive and requires less recovery time while still providing excellent results. Consequently, a mini tummy tuck is a great choice for patients with a small “pooch” just above their bikini line or an unsightly hysterectomy or C-section scar.

Who is an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery can benefit individuals who can’t seem to lose stubborn fat or have loose, wrinkly skin in the lower abdomen. Ideal candidates for the procedure are typically patients who experience these symptoms after pregnancy, significant weight loss, or as a natural result of aging, and who have not successfully improved their physique through diet and exercise alone.

Most importantly, tummy tuck surgery is not a weight-loss procedure. Patients should be close to or at their ideal body weight before booking surgery. Candidates should also be in good health, nonsmokers, and willing to continue leading a healthy lifestyle after surgery to maintain their results.

How soon should I have a tummy tuck to get my body summer-ready?

If you’re hoping to show off your new, sculpted body this summer, it’s best to start your tummy tuck journey now. Most patients take at least a few weeks off work after surgery to recover, and it will take a few months for swelling to subside.

Although your abdominal muscles will be tighter and your stomach will be flatter after surgery, full results may not be visible for 3 – 6 months. Still, many patients feel comfortable showing off their new physique and hitting the beach within three months of surgery.

Achieve the summer body of your dreams

Are you still struggling to achieve your body goals? With the right timing and the help of a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, you can enjoy your dream summer physique in no time. Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang can help you reach your goals. If you’re interested in having a tummy tuck or another body contouring treatment, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation in Atlanta at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery.

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