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Am I Too Thin to Get A Fat Transfer to Breasts?

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When you are looking for a way to get bigger breasts without surgery, consider fat transfer to your breasts. Whether because of aging, pregnancy, or extreme weight loss, many patients lose fullness or shape in their breasts. To help them achieve full and lifted breasts, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang offers a fat transfer to breasts in Atlanta, GA. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, we offer breast augmentation that uses your own body fat and not implants. We can also perform a fat transfer to the buttocks, cheeks, eyelids, or lips.

What is fat grafting?

A fat transfer to breasts moves pre-existing body fat from different parts of the body and injects it into your breasts. This helps you slim one area and add volume to another at the same time. We usually take this fat from the abdomen or thighs. This process is known as fat grafting. It’s a long-lasting natural solution for those in Atlanta, GA looking to tighten the skin, remove stubborn fat, and sculpt their bodies. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Mang customizes each procedure to help each patient meet their goals for surgery.

Am I a candidate for fat grafting to breasts?

The ideal candidate for a fat transfer to breasts procedure is:

  • In good health

  • At a stable and consistent weight

  • Wanting a noticeable but subtle enhancement of their breasts

  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding

Because we harvest fat from various areas of the body, patients are rarely too thin to have a fat transfer procedure in Atlanta, GA. Even for patients with minimal excess tissue, we can harvest fat from the thighs. During a consultation, Dr. Mang can learn your goals for your surgery to determine if your expectations are realistic. We recommend a BMI of less than 30. Those who have over 30 may have an increased risk of complications.

Benefits of getting a fat transfer to breast

There are many benefits for getting a fat transfer to breast procedure, including:

  1. No implants: While breast augmentation is safe, there are risks associated with implants, including rippling or potential rupture.

  2. Natural-looking results: Because of how the fat transfer process works, there is only so much fat that we can inject into the breasts. This means that while you are increasing your breast size, it probably won’t be more than a cup size or two, which leads to natural-looking results.

  3. Easier recovery: This is minimally invasive compared to a traditional breast augmentation procedure, which means that recovery takes just a few days.

  4. Less scarring: Because fat is removed from your body using liposuction, your incisions are small.

How does fat transfer to breast work?

First, you are given anesthesia. Ultimately, the type of sedation we use depends on how much fat we are removing. Next, liposuction is performed to extract fat that will be transferred to your breasts. We harvest this fat and purify it with a centrifuge. Then the healthy fat tissue is re-injected into your breasts until Dr. Mang achieves your desired look.

Does fat transfer to breasts last?

As with any fat transfer procedure, some of the fat we extracted and transferred may die in the days following surgery. Ultimately, patients can expect 70 – 80% of the transferred fat to survive. Following our postoperative guidelines helps ensure that you have the highest fat cell survival. This includes avoiding direct pressure on your breasts and sleeping on your back for at least six weeks.

Patients who lose weight may notice a decreased breast size. The same applies to those who gain a large amount of weight. This is why Dr. Mang recommends that patients only get a fat transfer to breast procedure after they reach a healthy, stable weight. Weight fluctuations will compromise your results. This means that he recommends having children or completing your family before your procedure.

Increase your breast size naturally with a fat transfer to breasts near me

When you want to transfer fat from a different region of your body to your breasts, a fat transfer to breast procedure should be considered. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang helps patients throughout Atlanta, GA who want a minimally invasive surgery to increase their breast size. To schedule a consultation to learn if you’re a candidate for fat transfer to breasts, call our office to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

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