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Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Lift Hooded Eyelids?

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Hooded eyelids are very common among people of Asian descent. This look is characterized by excess skin and fat on the upper eyelids that create a "hooded" appearance. If you're looking to correct hooded eyelids safely while still preserving your heritage, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang can perform advanced Asian eyelid surgery at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery.

During double eyelid surgery, we form a crease in the upper eyelid that opens up the eyes and creates a more awakened look. You may even appear younger as a result! If you're considering an eyelid lift in Atlanta, GA, call our surgical team to schedule an assessment. We can determine if you're a good candidate for treatment and make sure you're happy with your results.

What are hooded eyelids?

Hooded eyelids are a common feature among men and women with Asian heritage. Because of the way the upper eyelid is constructed, excess skin and fat can cover the visible portion of the eyelid, making it appear as if it has a hood over the eyes. Unfortunately, this look has been associated with tiredness, anger, or even signs of aging. Sometimes, the extra skin from hooded eyes even impacts your field of vision.

Who should get double eyelid surgery?

Asian eyelid surgery is effective for adults who want their eyes to have a more open or awake appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Mang, we can discuss whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. Patients should be in good health and have no conditions that prevent them from undergoing local or general anesthesia. Benefits of an eyelid lift in Atlanta, GA include:

  • Removal of excess skin and fat in the upper eyelids

  • Open eyes that create a brighter, more alert appearance

  • A natural look without irregular creases or folds

  • A younger and more refreshed look

  • Improved vision

How do you perform eyelid surgery?

Asian eyelid procedures are always personalized based on your unique facial anatomy and needs. During double eyelid surgery, Dr. Mang may use modern techniques to remove excess skin and fat or change the shape and height of your eyelids. Our goal is to create a crease that appears natural-looking and enhances the shape of your eyes. And, of course, we work hard to preserve your Asian heritage.

Will I have a scar?

Eyelid surgery always leaves a scar, but incisions are small and hidden in natural creases, so they aren't too noticeable. The specialists at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery can also provide guidelines for recovery at home, so your incisions heal quickly and with minimal scarring. Final results from this procedure should be seen after about a month or two after any side effects, like swelling, have subsided.

Naturally lift your eyelids

Hooded eyelids can make you feel self-conscious about your face or prevent you from seeing properly. If you have been considering double eyelid surgery in Atlanta, GA, it’s best to get it from a professional with plenty of experience working with people who have Asian eyes. Meet Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery to learn the benefits of an eyelid lift and how it can improve your quality of life.

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