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Can Asian Rhinoplasty Improve a Low Nasal Bridge?

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Rhinoplasty surgery is a notoriously complex procedure that requires exceptional skill, precision, and artistry. When it comes to ethnic noses specifically, it is arguably even more important for surgeons to be highly knowledgeable and experienced in the unique characteristics of the nose being treated to achieve beautiful, natural-looking outcomes that balance the patient’s aesthetic goals with their desire to retain their cultural identity. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Atlanta, GA, board-certified plastic surgeon and Asian rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang understands the nuances of the Asian nose and offers a suite of targeted procedures specifically designed with these in mind. For patients looking to create a higher, more prominent nasal bridge, Asian rhinoplasty can be an effective choice. Keep reading to learn more about what sets Asian rhinoplasty apart, how it can address a low nasal bridge, and what other improvements this popular procedure can help to make.

What’s the difference between Asian rhinoplasty vs. a regular nose job?

Like any rhinoplasty surgery, the “Asian nose job” is customized to align with the patient’s individual desires, concerns, anatomy, and other factors. With Asian rhinoplasty, however, the surgeon also takes into account characteristics and features classically unique to Asian noses while also aiming to make improvements to the nose that still look natural and balanced with the patient’s other facial features. Some of the features commonly associated with Asian noses that Dr. Mang keeps in mind during Asian nose surgery include:

  • Thick skin
  • Flaring nostrils
  • Wide nasal base
  • Wide nasal column
  • Flatness
  • Low nasal bridge
  • Less cartilage
  • Angled nasal bones

How can Asian rhinoplasty give me a more attractive nose?

One of the most popular requests from patients considering Asian rhinoplasty surgery is to raise their low nasal bridge and give them a more projected, defined nose shape. This can be accomplished with a combination of surgical skill, precision, and artistry. In many cases, Asian rhinoplasty for a low bridge requires cartilage grafting, which involves harvesting healthy cartilage from the patient’s rib or ear and using it to build up the bridge of the nose. Dr. Mang is highly skilled in this technique, having helped many Asian men and women achieve the more defined, desirable nose they had in mind.

How else can I benefit from Asian rhinoplasty?

Because each surgery is personalized with the patient's concerns and goals in mind, Asian rhinoplasty can be used to make a wide range of improvements. Some of the most exciting potential benefits of choosing Asian rhinoplasty surgery in Atlanta, GA to address your cosmetic and/or functional nasal concerns include:

  • Addressing a wide nasal base
  • Achieving a more projected nasal tip
  • Increasing or decreasing the overall size of the nose
  • Improving the facial profile overall
  • Reshaping the nostrils
  • Creating better facial harmony
  • Correcting airways for improved breathing
  • Boosting self-confidence

If you are unhappy with the look of your nose, or if you experience difficulty breathing, snoring, or other symptoms you think may be associated with your nasal anatomy but are concerned that traditional rhinoplasty may not meet your unique needs, Dr. Mang is here to help.

Choose Asian rhinoplasty in Atlanta, GA for a nose job that’s as unique as you are

Rhinoplasty surgery is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, and for patients with distinctly ethnic characteristics and features, it is extremely important to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who is skilled and experienced in addressing these unique needs. Discover the many exciting transformations that may be possible for you with Asian rhinoplasty surgery by calling Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon and Atlanta Asian rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang today.

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