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Five Benefits of a Fat Transfer to Breast

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Are you looking for a way to naturally enhance breast size, shape, and appearance? Because of aging or maybe significant weight loss, some of our patients lose fullness or shape in different parts of their bodies. To help them restore this volume loss, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang offers fat transfer to breasts in Atlanta, GA. Ultimately, some areas of your body can hold onto stubborn fat more than you may like. Thankfully, at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, we offer breast enhancement using your own body fat. We can perform fat transfers on the lips, cheeks, eyelids, buttocks, or breasts. For those looking for a natural treatment versus implants, we offer autologous fat transfers.

What is fat grafting?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a special treatment that works by moving pre-existing body fat from various parts of the body and injecting it into the breasts. This helps you slim one area and add volume to another. This is known as a fat graft. This multi-step process is a long-lasting natural solution for patients in Atlanta, GA who are looking to sculpt their bodies. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Mang customizes your procedure according to your goals for surgery. Some popular areas for fat transfer come from the thighs or abdomen.

Benefits of getting a fat transfer to breast

There are many benefits of getting a fat transfer to breast surgery, including:

  1. No implants: While breast augmentation surgery with implants is a relatively safe surgery, there are risks associated with having implants. There is a chance that they can ripple or rupture over time and need replacement.

  2. Natural-looking results: Because of how fat transfer works, there is only so much fat that can be injected into the breasts. This means that while you can increase their size, it probably won’t be much more than one cup size. This leads to a more moderate enhancement that is less dramatic and more natural-looking.

  3. Sculpts and augments at the same time: Perhaps the biggest benefit of this surgery is that it can remove fat from an area of the body and repurpose it. You can slim a problem area while increasing your breast size during the same procedure. Talk about a win-win!

  4. Convenient: This is a less invasive procedure than a full breast augmentation. This means that recovery from fat transfer to breasts will only take a few days, and you can get back to work and daily life quicker.

  5. Less scarring: Because fat is removed from the body using liposuction and a fine cannula, your incisions will be small. This reduces the appearance of visible scarring.

How does fat transfer work?

First, you are given anesthesia to make you comfortable. Ultimately, the type of sedation used depends on how much fat we are removing and the transfer location. Next, Dr. Mang will perform liposuction to extract the fat that will be transferred to your breasts. We will harvest and purify it inside a centrifuge. The healthy fat tissue will then be injected into your breasts until the desired look is achieved.

Can fat transfer lift breasts?

Unlike implants, your breasts won’t lift with this procedure. Fat also doesn’t prevent sagging that can come with weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.

Improve your appearance naturally

When you want to transfer fat from areas of your body to your breasts, a fat transfer to breast procedure will work best. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang helps patients wanting a minimally-invasive surgery that will improve their appearance. To schedule an in-person or online consultation to learn if you’re a candidate for a fat transfer to breast procedure, contact our Atlanta, GA, office today.

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