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How Long Would You Recommend Waiting To Wear Makeup After Chemical Peel? Why?

The answer is: It depends on the peel. It’s important to remember that an aggressive chemical peel can be considered a skin wound, and make-up is not sterile therefore should not be worn following a peel of this sort.

If you are having the “lunchtime peel,” it’s usually not a problem. Lunchtime peels, such as a low strength glycolic acid peel, can be very superficial. You may be able to start wearing makeup the next day.

With deeper peels, Dr. Mang will provide and recommend a guideline to help the healing process. Makeup can usually be worn approximately seven to ten days after a deeper peel, but it’s very important to listen to Dr. Mang regarding your specific treatment. Skin is vulnerable after peels and resurfacing, and application of makeup prematurely will delay healing and risk causing infection, pigmentation changes, or scarring.

Therefore, your ability to wear makeup depends on the depth of the chemical peel and the rate at which your skin heals following the cosmetic procedure. You will want to minimize skin irritation after any peel or resurfacing procedure.

For a superficial peel, you want to use a bland face wash without exfoliation or acid in it. Cetaphil and Dove are excellent choices. Dr. Mang also recommends using a moisturizer at this time. For a deeper peel, Dr. Mang will tell you how to care for the treated area.

When you do begin wearing make-up again, you should consider purchasing new make-up that has a lower risk of having been contaminated by bacteria. Your new make-up should also contain a level of sun protection to protect your healing skin.

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